Lavender Oil

Lavender essential oil is extracted mostly from the flowers of the lavender plant, primarily through steam distillation. The benefits of lavender oil for the skin can be attributed to its high amount of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal properties. It is used to treat acne, wrinkles, psoriasis and other inflammatory conditions. It is commonly used to speed up the healing process of wounds, cuts, burns and sunburns because it improves the formation of scar tissues. The fragrance is calming, relaxing and balancing. 



Rosemary essential oil is mostly extracted from the leaves of the rosemary bush which belongs to the mint family which includes basil, lavender, myrtle and sage. Regular use of rosemary oil helps to stimulate follicles, making hair grow longer and stronger. It is also believed that rosemary oil slows down premature hair loss and graying of the hair. It also does have antimicrobial and antiseptic qualities that make it beneficial in efforts to eliminate eczema, dermatitis, oily skin, and acne. Topical application of the essential oil, or regular massage with the oil helps in toning your skin and removing dryness.


Bergamot is a citrus fruit whose rind is used for extracting the bergamot essential oil. Certain components of the bergamot oil of are antibiotic and disinfectant in nature. They inhibit the growth of germs, virus and fungi. They also effectively prohibit skin infections. If regularly used with bathing water or in soaps, skin and hair remain protected from infections and become shiny.